15oz Vinyl Banner

15oz Vinyl Banner

Our 15 oz. matte vinyl banners offer superior durability, withstand external pressure, and maintain vibrant, fade-resistant graphics for effective promotion.


Friendly reminder: To choose grommets, select 'Hemming All Sides.' For pole pockets, select  "No Hemming".


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Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Waterproof & Fade-resistant ink
  • Full-color imaging, matte finish
  • Multiple hanging options- Grommets & Pole Pockets

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Frequently asked question on 15oz Vinyl Banner

Do you offer double-sided printing on 15 oz. vinyl banners?

I apologize for any inconvenience, but at the moment, we can only provide single-sided 15 oz. vinyl banners due to material limitations. If you require double-sided printing, we recommend exploring our top-selling 13 oz. and 18 oz. vinyl banner options.

Where do I find the grommets and pole pockets options?

To choose grommets, please select ''Hemming All Sides".

For pole pockets, please select 'No Hemming.'

You can only choose one option, and this setup simplifies the process for your convenience."


We've streamlined the process to make it easier for you, ensuring you only need to select one option. We're here to help simplify your choices and ensure you get the right finishing for your banner."

What optional finishings do you offer for this material?

We are offering  below options for finishings to match  your needs:    

Hem (free)

Grommet (free)

Pole pocket 


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